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Welcome to my toy box.

Things I like to toy around with I'll mention here.
If there any associated files, they'll be made available for download here as well.

G7W's toy box

small note concerning graphics.
I prefer the PNG file format. I also prefer Fireworks MX for PNG create/edit because it's native format is .png.
what this means is that the PNG's found here are most-likely layered and you'll need Fireworks to view them in their entirety; I'm not too sure how well PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro or even the Gimp will render them, except as a single bitmap image (non-layered).

PNG: The Definitive Guide (Online Version)


Ikonforums Hatched Jan2008


Cafe Press mug image


Ikonforums Phoenix Rising


Ikonforums Phoenix Rising Sun



Perl related

BumbleBee has a nice Perl help guide