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SmartOne's Engagement Ring

A unique ring for a unique woman!

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Back in the year of 2000 Donna and I met online through Yahoo! Personals

I'm not exactly sure the "hows" or "whys" now, it's been so long ago; but I'm sure glad we started communicating.

For the first few years it was just chatting through Yahoo! Messenger and we would talk about anything from work to home life. All we had were pictures of each other that we exchanged so we knew what the other looked like — it helps. :-)

We seemd to hit it off from the start and eventually we met "live" in person. Through our years of chatting we developed an online friendship and when we met it seemed to be a natural event; we were very comfortable with each other.

Donna and I have been living together for the past 4 years and are currently Engaged to be married.