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I Want You Beside Me Always…


I want to grow old with you,
lose count of the sunsets we share,
stroll along a moonlit beach ~
always holding hands and looking into
each other's eyes with deep longing ~
no matter our age…

I want memories of sitting by a campfire,
warm conversation filling the
crisp forest air between us,
and evening whispers among the trees
filling my soul with love for you…

I want to wake beside you each morning
and feel the brightness and warmth
of your sunshine on my face…

I want to travel the world
with you beside me,
explore the space between our souls,
and feel the ever-growing love
that feeds our spirits…

I want to feel the universe between us,
sit beneath the clear evening sky,
imagine heaven, and thank God
for the gift of you…

I want to play in the snow,
make angels, and write messages of love
with my gloved hand…

I want to face the challenge of conveying
to you this deeping love I have.
Trying to tell you how much
I love you is like translating
beautiful music into something
that is still and silent ~
yet I shall always make the effort,
though it seems as impossible as
describing heaven…

I want you beside me
as my best friend and lover.
I want you forever with me,
forever soul mates,
today and always…
beyond tomorrow!