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Privacy statement for

I suppose every site needs one

If for nothing else… to satisify the Family Online Safety Institute, IRCA, SurfSafely and other family oriented safeguards online.



We have a simple privacy statement.

We gather nothing, we divulge nothing… simple.

What about…

IP address

OK there are raw server logs, but we do not snoop into them to track and maintain all IP's that may visit our site.

That's useless information. The only reason I would become concerned with an IP is from spam or hack attempts and then we'll block the IP range.

Email address does not offer any form of list to subscribe to requiring an email repository. If may one day offer general information requiring periodical viewing, it will be offered via RSS.

What about your Contact Form?
Hey, if you contact me then you are offering your email address. What will we do with it? More than likely we will respond to your inquiry or suggestion. Will we keep your email address in a database for any reason? Nope. Sorry, that's just too much time and trouble for a simple homepage such as this.


Cookies are not a privacy concern. Cookies are used for site navigation and not for collecting personal user information. I prefer chocolate chip, and you?

Labeled is labeled with ICRA (Family Online Safety Institute), SafeSurf, ChildSafe, and iWatchDog as being compliant with security and safety including non-offensive content, that is suitable for a general audience made up of all members of the family, including children.

If you need more information then please:
Family Online Safety Institute

Or better yet, click on one of the images (or all) found in the right-side bar under the Safe site heading.