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Welcome to our home on the Net.

You can discover a little about us and see some pictures too.

Also, this is a testing area and playground for G7W.


Hello and greetings. My name is David, I currently reside in Ohio, USA. I am a veteran of the US Navy (1977-1981, Honorably Discharged and work in the HVAC industry. I am a member of the S.M.W.I.A local #33. For those who need to know my age, I'm over 45. :-)

so you want to know a little more, huh?

Well, let's see...

I'm an average guy; well not exactly average — I'm not very interested in sports, especially football. Funny how that is… The town I grew up boasts to be the Home of Football and to this day I've never visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Anyways, grew up went to school, graduated high school, joined the service: US Navy.

The Navy was fun. I was young and figured "why not?" Boot camp was in Great Lakes, IL as was customized education and training. I ended up stationed onboard the USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2) and did a couple Med cruises. I had the opportunity to visit Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and for a brief moment the tip of Africa. I served the standard 4 year active enlistment. One of my favorite places was Palma de Mallorca

After the Navy...
I stayed in Virginia, worked at Norfolk Shipyard and Drydock Corporation (NorShipCo) for a couple years. BTW, check out the Live Bird's eye view of the Titan. The biggest diesel I worked on was a Sulzer; massive, powerful machines! I moved a couple times: Ft. Lauderdale, FL and then up to Philadelphia, PA, and eventually came back to my home state of Ohio.

For work, I went right into the HVAC industry; I could never stand on an assembly line in a factory, too boring. HVAC is kinda nice, there's no two jobs the same, equipment varies, requirements vary, it actually requires some thought to perform your work without much mistake. Not that I don't make mistakes, we're all human, but they are rare; few and far between. Normally I'll catch them and correct them before they become noticed, haha.


My first experience with a computer was with a Tandy TRS-80 Model IV. Max An index card style database manager called Profile, and a spreadsheet called VisiCalc, ahhh... those were the days! LOL, my how the times have changed. I then played with the old 286's and 386's. My first "real system" was an Intel 386 PC with a big 15-inch monitor and an Epson Action 2000 dot-matrix printer; almost $3,000 USD for that setup back in it's day. :-D

That should be enough information for now.
Maybe I'll add more one day, so that'll be another update.